B.S. in Health Science

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science is designed to prepare students for master and doctorate entry level health careers that require different prerequisites than those included in the BS in Biology with Pre-Health Concentration.

The interdisciplinary focus of this degree will give students the necessary background to successfully meet the requirements needed for application to audiology, clinical laboratory science, cytology, genetic counseling, orthotics, law school, and public health graduate programs. A minor in health sciences will prepare students wishing to apply to health administration, athletic training, public health, medical illustration, occupational therapy and nutrition graduate programs.

In addition to the core requirements required of all Spring Hill College graduates, the BSHS program consists of prerequisite courses applicable to the careers listed above and includes coursework from areas including biology, chemistry, physics, nutrition, psychology, sociology, ethics and anthropology. Upper-division electives will be chosen in consultation with the student's advisor to prepare for the specific field the student intends to pursue.

Health Science careers have become the dominant fields in health care delivery currently, and the trend is expected to continue. Advances in medical technology, recent legislated health care mandates coupled with an aging population have created increased employment opportunities in health care. The Spring Hill College BSHS program is designed to meet these needs for students who do not intend to pursue the BS in Biology with Pre-Health Concentration.

In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree, students must pass a standardized comprehensive examination and demonstrate speech competency by taking and passing CMM 150 Introduction to Public Speaking or its equivalent. All science and mathematics courses must be passed with a grade of C- or higher. All prerequisite courses must be passed with a grade of C- or higher before taking a course for which they are prerequisites.