Pre-Health Program

Pre-Health Program at SHC

Spring Hill College has a longstanding reputation of providing an academically sound background for students who desire to become health care professional such as physician, dentist, veterinarians, pharmacists and optometrist. Students wishing to enter one of the above health professions do not have to pursue a major in biology but a major in science is recommended (biology, chemistry, or biochemistry). There are three aspects of our program that set it apart from others:

1. Core Curriculum – professional schools seek students with a broad-based educational background that is rich in the humanities. The core curriculum at SHC college provides exactly that type of coursework.

2. Preparation for a Professional School Post-graduate Education – Our graduates who have entered the health professional schools have confirmed the strength of our pre-health program. The upper-division biology textbooks utilized at SHC are many times the same textbooks used by the professional schools.

3. Support – Pre-health students are given the support needed to prepare for the health professional school application process. The directors of admissions for the state-supported professional schools in Alabama and Louisiana visit our campus each year. They give all of our pre-health students’ relevant information on applying to health professional programs. Our program supports the student in acquiring shadowing and volunteering hours required for applying to health professional schools.

Courses for the pre-health program:

Freshman year: Principles of Biology (BIO 101/103); Microbial Biology (BIO 236/238); General Chemistry I and II (CHM 111/113; 112/114); Calculus I (MTH 121); Statistics (MTH 163); and core courses

Sophomore year: Biomedical Anatomy & Physiology I and II (BIO 240/243; 241/244); Organic Chemistry I and II (CHM 231/233; 232/234); and core courses

Junior year: Genetics (BIO 301/302); Cell Biology (BIO 360); Cell and Molecular Lab (BIO 362); Physics with calculus I and II (PHY 221/213; 222/214); and core courses.

Senior year: 4-6 upper-division biology electives (such as Immunology, Physiology, Endocrinology, Histology, and others); and core courses

For students interested in health careers other than those listed above the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is recommended. (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Genetic Counseling, Cytology, Clinical Laboratory Science, Orthoptics, Prosthetic and Orthotics, Athletic Training and others).